In the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the government saw the need to have a nuclear decision making tool at the ready.
JFK nicknamed it The Football for an operation code-named "Dropkick" and the name stuck. Today it is reborn, as the ultimate tool for gentlemen in pursuit of the perfect evening.
All we ask is that you don't fumble it.

Assemble your custom Football™ today.
Orders take up to 7 days, so plan ahead!


    The cornerstone to any succesful Bachelor Party. You've got Tequila for enthusiastic toasts & Vodka for everything else.


    Any man worth his salt should be handy with a deck of cards, you never know when you will meet new friends who want to "play".


    Who says the party has to stop at sunrise? Who knows? You might find yourself needing a little boost to figure out where you are.

  • CASH

    Plenty of room in here for singles. Fill it up before you head out so you're ready to tip your cab drivers or "entertainment".


    Nothing ends a lapdance faster than booze-breath. Also handy for freebasing later when you run out of meth...


    TUMS and Advil are here to make sure that cheesesteak sandwich behaves and that your head doesn't explode in the morning.

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